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'Businessman' chartbuster is a copy!

                            If piracy is one issue that cine industry faces from outside, plagiarism is another issue that it faces from inside. However, most of the times things tend to pass off and usually it is the Bollywood circuit which takes some serious measures. Right now, one talk is happening in the Tollywood circuit.

This is about the latest chartbuster 'Pilla Chao'. This is from the movie 'Businessman' and here are few details. It is heard that the song happens to be a straight lift from the noted Italian techno mix song made during the World War II. The song goes 'Bella Ciao..' and if you look at it even the titles also are similar.

The man to make this tune is SS Thaman and it is heard that the video is there in the Youtube site with some criticising comments. As it is, 'Businessman' is facing some satires due to the delay in the release. With this new update, it remains to be seen what impact it will leave on the film


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