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Liposuction for Bunny's BB!

Liposuction for Bunny's BB!
With science and technology reaching new heights, many things are happening in the film industry onscreen and offscreen. One new trend which has begun in the cine circuit is the fat and flabby folks becoming slim and trim in just few weeks without any tension of exercising or gym.

Yes, this new shortcut is called Liposuction and it has often been gossiped that folks like Junior NTR, Manchu Vishnu and few heroines have gone under the knife to remove the flab. Now, they are joined by another member from the film fraternity. And he comes from the family of Allu Arjun.

His name is Allu Bobby. To those who don't know him, Bobby is the big brother of Bunny and eldest son to Allu Aravind. Recently, he was spotted with his wife at the famous 'Tabla' restaurant in Hyderabad and those who saw him vouch strongly that he has gone through liposuction. Whether that is true or not, the new look of Bobby sure appeals.


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