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Maheshbabu upset with Dookudu talk

Prince Mahesh Babu’s new film The Businessman is all set to hit the screens on January 11. Puri Jagannad is pairing up with Mahesh Babu after 5 years.The film is naturally one of the most talked about one in recent times. After Dookudu grand success, expectations on BusinessMan are huge.
Mahesh Babu expecting different thing from this movie. He was a bit upset with the comments in some section of the media that Dookudu became a big hit largely due to the comedy only. Many said that without Comedy Dookudu would not have become such a big hit. So Mahesh Babu now wants to prove that he can do without Brahmanandam and other comedians and still make the film a big hit.
Mahesh Babu deliberately wanted director not to rope any comedians in Business Man.Director Puri Jagannath has not cast any top comedian in the film except for Dharmavarapu. So, most of the comedy in the film will be done by Mahesh Babu himself. Let us see if Mahesh can pass this introspection.


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