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Kajal Did Not Like Businessman’s Heavy Violence?

It has been in the news that Mahesh Babu’s ‘Businessman’ is going to be an action packed film with heavy violence. As expected, the movie got ‘A’ certificate. That means, technically you should not take your children to the movie. Even though, people do not normally care about the censor certificate for star heroes’ films, still Mahesh Babu has lots of following from family audience, who normally do not prefer too much of violence, and they might skip watching this movie in theaters.
Some dialogues from the movie are indicating that even some characters inside the film are vexed up with this violence. Check below the sample dialogue from the movie.
Heroine (Kajal): Violence thappu, rakthapatham thappu.
Hero (Mahesh): Non-veg thine vaallaki non-violence gurinchi maatlaade hakku ledu.
Although it sounds like the movie is heavy in violence, let us wait till its release to see how much entertainment is packed in it.


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