BusinessMan's failure story in Overseas

BM's failure story in Overseas
Latest reports of 'businessman' from Overseas area are revealing the fact that the movie is likely to end up with at least one crore loss to the distributors. This situation is currently worrying the exhibitors and distributors of the region.

Hari Venkateswara Pictures bought the movie's rights for Rs.4.50 crores. However, the movie could collect a gross of Rs.4.50 crores and a share of Rs.2.75 crores in its first week run. Due to drastic fall of collections for the last one week, the movie is likely to end up with the gross of Rs.5.50 crores and a full run share of Rs.3.25 crores. So, the net loss of share in Overseas area will probably be around Rs.1.25 crores.

However, Nandamuri fans and Mega fans are complaining that some of the media sources are trying to project gross figures of the movie as shares in Overseas area. Also they say, those gross figures are also highly manipulated. Further, they add, by showing those figures they are trying to put the movie's position in 2nd place after 'Dookudu'. But the situation is quite reverse, they disclosed.


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