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Pawanism at its peaks

Pawanism at its peaks

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is a magnetic personality and this quality in him has earned an innumerable fan base. Along with the backing of Mega fans (Usually referred as fans of Chiru, Charan and Bunny), he have a separate set of fans. Most of his fans connect with his ideologies and this aspect keeps him apart from other heroes.

"Rajinikanth ki chusanu, Ajith ki chusanu Kaani - Idhi nenu choosindhi ledu. This (Pawan Kalyan's craze) is personal madness. Idhi (fans bonding with Pawan) chala personal ga undi," said director Vishnuvardhan, after witnessing Pawan's craze at the audio launch of Panjaa.

Pawan Kalyan's latest quote is making waves on the web. It goes this way: "Evaru Choodanappudu Manam Ela Untamo Ade Mana Asalyna Vykthitwam (Who You Are When No One Is Looking is, Who You Are)"

Undoubtedly, Pawanism is one of the largest religion in the state at the movement. Actually, it's all about his powerful influence on the people. True to the title-He is the Powerstar!


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