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Pawan Kalyan Got Surprised About Other Heroes

Power Star Pawan Kalyan normally prefers to do his stunts by himself and because of his martial arts background he prefers to have natural looking action sequences in his films rather than over exaggerated fights. As per him, if a fight does not look natural, it will look funny. But, may be for the first time, he has given complete freedom to the fight masters for his latest film Gabbar Singh’s fights.
Recently, while shooting for an action sequence, when fight masters Ram Lakshman explained about how the fight goes, Pawan Kalyan got surprised looking at the way how easy it is. Without putting any extra efforts, Hero beats all his opponents. Pawan immediately asked the fight masters, “Is this how all other heroes fight?”. After getting the answer as ‘Yes’, Pawan just smiled and said, “Ok Let’s do it”. Even though Pawan was not completely convinced at that time, he did not interfere in fight master’s work. Ram Lakshman are taking Pawan’s film as a challenge and mixing their regular fighting styles with some innovative moves. They are planning to impress Pawan Kalyan and want to work with him for his next projects as well.


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