Mahesh's 'Operation Magadheera' fails yet again

Mahesh's 'Mission Magadheera' fails yet again
Mahesh Babu has been desperately trying to break the biggest grosser record in some or the other way. We have seen all the fake dramas done for Dookudu which fell short of Magadheera by at least 15 crores in full run. However, they have issued fake record press notes and printed those fake records on posters and self patted their shoulders.

That has only brought shame to Dookudu's genuine success. Mahesh Babu planned to beat Magadheera record truly with Businessman. Huge release was planned, serious hype was given and the stage was set for 'Mission Magadheera'. First week collections have almost reached 30 crore showing Mahesh Babu's star power.

But Puri Jagannadh's weak content isn't helping the cause as there is heavy fall in Businessman collections in the second week. Looking at the trend, Businessman may hardly cross 40 crore in full run, which means it will settle at the third spot in all time hits list. Magadheera is sitting high and safe at this point. Who is going to topple this film that made every Telugu proud? It will certainly need a better film than Dookudu and Businessman! 


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