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Ram Charan's Race Course In Hyderabad

The fixation that Ram Charan has got for horses needs no introduction. Few months back he went ahead and bought the Hyderabad Polo club and its team as well. But here is the best part. It is not just Charan but also his wife Upasna who is a major fan of horses and loves breeding them.
So, it is heard that both are gifting each other horses. Something like that happened recently for Upsi’s birthday when Cherry gifted her a horse. Some are asking who will feed all these horses and what the couple is going to do with so many horses. But here is something new from the mega camp.
There are no race courses in Hyderabad like Bangalore or Pune so maybe Charan has thoughts of bringing something like that to Hyderabad. Horseracing is a very big and classy thing in India and some of the society’s elite tend to be part of it. Well, whether the race course comes or not, the love of the couple towards these animals is appreciable.


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