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Only Sunil And Arjun Can Hug Sunny Leone

Among the many sensations that keep happening in our country, one sensation which has been shaking the men a lot is Sunny Leone. Yes, this adult actress who has entered mainstream cinema is burning the nights of many men with her bikini stills and her nude scenes. And now she came up with a condition.
It is heard that Sunny has reportedly mentioned she will work and do romantic scenes with only those men who have good muscles and look strong. So, only those who have muscles can hug and squeeze her. From the time she came, many Tollywood folks are trying to get Sunny to the Telugu circuit.
But with her new condition, they are saying that only two men fit that bill. They are none other than Sunil and Allu Arjun. Well, they are the only actors who have visible 6-pack muscles. But it remains to be seen whether Sunny will accept Sunil due to his skin tone. Some say about Prabhas, but he has no visibly sturdy muscles like Sunil and Allu Arjun.
And if any of our heroes want to hug Sunny or pair with her then they must workout like Hrithik Roshan or Salman Khan.


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