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Allu Arjun has better plans than Charan

Allu Arjun has better plans than Charan

Ram Charan is certainly superstar material and he has proved his caliber with just four movies. However, his planning doesn't seem perfect when compared to others. In six years he has done only four movies and when everything is set for him to take over the throne, Charan decided to do a Hindi film, which is absolutely not needed at this point.

Despite doing three films at a time, he couldn't get the schedules right. He likes to expand his market to Tamilnadu and Kerala, but didn't do it with a right project. Magadheera could have been the right film for him to conquer other states. That film was released very late in Tamil and Malayalam and couldn't make much of an impact.

Racha was made for fans by keeping mega heroes image in mind. Releasing it in Tamil and Malayalam was a joke. Allu Arjun is better in planning his career compared to Charan. He doesn't take hasty decisions like doing Hindi movies and remains level headed in choosing films to expand his market. When every other hero is looking to dub his movie in Tamil, Allu Arjun decided to keep Julayi away from it. Instead he is having big plans to capture Kollywood market. He will do a bilingual project in a big way to launch himself in Tamil film industry, say sources. He is in talks with few top directors from Tamilnadu. 


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