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180 is a wholesome film: Mani Ratnam

Ace director Mani Ratnam was highly impressed with P. Jayendran's bilingual 180 (Nooterenbadhu in Tamil). The director has called it 'a wholesome film'. "Entertaining for the first part and emotional later. The visual and music are brilliant, performance are also very good," Mani Ratnam was quoted as saying.
About the lead cast, he said, "Both the heroines have done a good job and Siddharth is extremely good in the last part. The climax is fantastic."
Mani Ratnam's wife Suhasini also appreciated Jayendran's effort and called him a 'winner'. "It is a welcome to see educated, well spoken and qualified people as protagonists. Music is outstanding and cinematography is world class. Both heroines speak their own lines, which is a miracle in South Indian Cinema. Wonderful to see Siddharth playing a character and not being a hero," Suhasini was quoted as saying.


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