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Ramcharan counter attack Dasari out

The cold war between the Dasari Narayana Rao and Ram Charan is continuing. It all started with Ram Charan expressing his view on Dasari’s comments against actresses as untrue when a journo posed a query. Later, it had become the hot topic in the news channels.

                 Recently Dasari has targeted the actor in SVR award ceremony saying “Young heroes who are currently in TFI are degrading our standards. They just know the club dances but do not know the basic of acting. Their utterance of Telugu is miserable.” Many of them understood who Dasari is pointing on with the ongoing rivalry between Chiranjeevi and Dasari Narayana Rao.
           All are felt that Dasari lost his mind as his 150th movie with Balayya "paramaveera chakra" was flap of indstry
Now Ram Charan has given a counter attack to Dasari with his tweet. : “So called great directors are now confined to only speeches and lectures on stages. It is sad that they can’t move anything but their mouth.”


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