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Allu Aravind is correct for Rajamouli?!

Allu Aravind is correct for Rajamouli?!

Every time Rajamouli spoke about the mental pressure taken up in the making stages of ‘Magadheera,’ he used to indirectly keep a remark on allu aravind’s principles which made him spent many sleepless nights. Even Rajamouli said, he will never take up a project of such high strain. In fact, disproportionate to the magnanimity shown on the screen, ‘Magadheera’ was completed in less time with much lesser budget than what we are seeing these days. 
Obviously, we know that it was shoe string budget of allu aravind granted for the film and apparently that worked. On comparing the same with present day ‘Eega’ on which Rajamouli is working from last one year or so, inner sources say movie might release only by end of this year or Sankranthi season of next year. Given the months and months of time period eaten by Jakkanna in the name of quality and VFX, any producer investing above Rs. 25 crores on a casting like Sudeep, Nani and Samanta would be feared of the final output and audience anticipations. 
Well, not to degrade the standards of our ace Rajamouli but the interests of producer and anxiety of audience are they key factors that should be taken care of by a director. One of the trade analysts was heard saying, ‘allu aravind is the only correct producer to fully tap the potential of Rajamouli. Instead of producer having sleepless nights, Allu makes directors to go for night outs.’


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