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Young Tollywood Daring and Sensational

These days, ‘Young Tollywood’ is not afraid to speak out, raise their voice and give it back. These statements from newbies show clear signs of indication that NextGen Tollywood is game to take on .ny one and will not look back. Also, this has set up a new clash between the ‘Young’ and the ‘Old’ in Telugu cinema industry. So who will win this battle? Just take a look at the following statements.

ram charan, siddharth, nitya menon, tollywood
Director Dasari Narayana Rao said, “Telugu film actresses are not attending any award functions and they are busy gracing retail openings and making money”. Ram Charan Responded, “That’s a wrong statement from Dasari. I was here last time and many actresses have attended the function”.

This response from Ram Charan stirred the Dasari club and several have demanded an apology from the mega power star for his comments.  And as the situation brewed, Ram Charan commented, “so called grt directors 1s are confined to only speeches and lectures on stage nowadays.its sad they cant move anyting but their mouth.” This statement has caught like fire and everyone understood that Ram Charan was referring to Dasari Narayana Rao.

ram charan, siddharth, nitya menon, tollywood

Siddharth recently came down strongly on a private new channel saying “3rd grade 'N'ews channels will sell their families to make up an hour of tv. Clarifying their garbage & lies is not worth our time. Ignore!:

In another scenario, we’ll get to Nithya Meon – The young actress became a star in Tollywood overnight with ‘Ala Modalainde’. When Nithya Menon was asked how does she feel to share screen space with the tall and lanky Prabahs, Nitya replied, who is Prabhas?

ram charan, siddharth, nitya menon, tollywood

Also, Kajal Agarwal said that she’s not a South Indian heroine and appealed everyone not to call her so. She further said that she hails from Mumbai and belongs to Bollywood.

ram charan, siddharth, nitya menon, tollywood

Freshly, Mohan Babu in his latest felicitation function said that ‘Young Tollywood’ does not know how to act and can’t perform. They know only to shake their legs. Now no one has reacted to this statement and we need to wait and see who will react from Young Tollywood.


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