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Tollywood ragging?? "Seniors trying to overpower us : Ram Charan"

Ram Charan Says 'Seniors Trying To Overpower Us'
Megafans have seen their hero Chiranjeevi become megastar and rule telugu cinema. His nature and acting skills have won him many fans but also few jealous enemies who always tried to take advantage of his soft nature and defame him and his family. While megafans are enjoying these strong replies, frank and hard hitting nature of charan, seniors are scratching their heads on how to control him.

Ramcharan said “I think this is time for youngsters to express their opinions. There is nothing wrong in speaking with open mind. Someone should start it. That is what is happening right now. Though my dad is a senior hero, he never got into such things. He always encouraged young talent in the industry. There are only few seniors who are constantly trying to overpower us,”


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