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Jagapathi and Priyamani Behaving Like 'Bharya Bharthalu'

The affair that sparked between Jagapathi Babu and Priyamani few years back seems to have reached the peak. As per unit members of ‘Kshetram’, it is heard that the duo which acts as lovers or married couple onscreen has been repeating the act off-screen too.

Having paired up as husband-wife in ‘Pellaina Kotthalo’, the affair started then and many say that to those who don’t know the duo will look like real life husband and wife. Due to their onscreen and off-screen chemistry, the pair of Jaggu-Priyamani did two back to back films.

Now ‘Kshetram’ is their fourth film together. Coming and leaving from shooting in the same car, taking ‘rest’ (???) in the same caravan and citing it as cost reduction for producer, all this is reportedly causing vexation to the unit members.


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