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Ram Charan: 'We Have A Right To Opinion'

Ram Charan has been in news in recent times due to his attack on Dasari Narayana Rao stating that he cannot move anything in his body except his mouth and hence confining himself to meetings. Although he did not use the name it became clearly evident that he is pointing only Dasari as the latter expressed his opinion on heroines, young heroes etc in his controversial manner.

When Ram Charan was asked he didn’t try to cover that he is not mentioning Dasari. He said that some seniors are taking their right to opinion and so we youngsters also going ahead with the same right.

Indeed, that’s a practically correct thing. But the sources those close to Ram Charan, Rana, Allu Arjun etc say that they never faced any insult or counters since their childhood as they were born with golden spoons and nurtured as rich Babus. Hence they are unable to digest any criticism on them and venting out fire instantly.

But the same applies for Venkatesh, Balakrishna and Nagarjuna as well. They too were born with silver spoons. They never retorted on any media or website even though they faced certain gossips and criticism earlier. They have learned the practical way of life of a celebrity.

But the young ones today are not. And the availability of twitter on hand is one big thing that is tempting them to express their irritation on anything.

When Ram Charan was asked if this right to freedom of expression divides Tollywood into two groups-the young and the old, he said, ‘Not all seniors are like this. Even my father Chiranjeevi and uncles Venkatesh and Nagarjuna are also seniors. They are not talking what some of the seniors are talking”.


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