Charan Splits Mega Fans Into Two Groups

Charan Splits Mega Fans Into Two Groups

Everyone is getting these doubts due to Young Megastar's continuous acts to woo both the senior fans of his Dad and the young generation that admires him. Is he trying to create split like Seniors and Juniors is the talk of town now.

Ramcharan still believes the idea that remixes of his dad's popular chart-busters will help him achieve maximum success. He has already remade songs like 'Bangaru Kodipetta' and 'Vaana Vaana'  from Chiru's mega hits Gharana Mogudu and Gangleader. He is now gearing up to remix 'Subalekha Raasukunna...' song from Kondaveeti Donga for his upcoming film.

Apparently, 40+ aged Mega fans will connect to these remixes well, as the younger generation doesn't know the exact impact of those old hits in the 80's. While Seniors compare the new song with old song and enjoy, Juniors feel it more directly and this is what we call splitting of Mega fans. Hardcore Mega fans are saying that they don't feel any such difference, as they are enjoying all the acts taken up by Charan with heart but not logic.

Sources revealed that this remix song will be filmed in Kolkata on Charan and Kajal for VV Vinayak's movie.  The original song is composed by maestro Ilairaja and this remix will be done by young music sensation Thaman.


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