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Proved! YSR-C Is Anti-Telangana Party

TRS MP Vinod has fired on Jagan's party for giving support to Pranab Mukherjee in the presidential election. They say that Vijayamma is no way concerned about anyone else in the state except her son.

Earlier YSR-C has declared that they are extending support to UPA candidates Pranab and Ansari for President and Vice-President posts. Nellore MP Mekapati has issued a press-note on Jagan's name clearing the party stand in prez-polls. However, TRS is not able to digest this decision of Jagan and is making severe accusations now. 'Only for the sake of Jagan's bail, Vijayamma has joined hands with UPA to vote for staunch Telangana opponent, Pranab Mukherjee. This clearly proves that YSR-C is an anti Telangana party and people should teach them a lesson again like in Parkal', stressed TRS MP Vinod.

When YSR-C is telling clearly that they have opted for Pranab, as they have only two people as options, TRS' words are not sounding true.


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