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Music Director Unhappy With Telugudesam

One popular music director of Telugu industry is quite unhappy with the recent decisions of Telugudesam party. Though many celebrities are unhappy he is the first to come out, at least with an indirect comment.

Once upon a time celebrated and now struggling celebrity, RP Patnaik is questioning the use of political party that is not voting in Presidential election. 'When a responsible political party stays away from voting for the presidential election, does that party has right to ask for votes from public?' asks RP.

Frankly speaking, political parties are representing the public in Presidential election and refraining from voting means, not allowing that public to choose their President. These comments are aimed at none but TDP, as they are the only party in state biting nails and voting to no one.

Political observers say that TDP is losing its sheen day by day by these extreme decisions. But Telugudesam folks are supporting their decision by saying that they are upholding the faith of people as none of the presidential candidates are suitable for welfare of people. 


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