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Remove YSR Cut-Outs In Your House : VH

Remove YSR Cut-Outs In Your House : VH

Senior congress leader and firebrand politician V Hanumantha Rao has once again fired on the party leadership in the state. He stresses how the party is losing sheen due to pro-YSR leaders and policies.

'To continue the presence of Congress in state, we should forget YSR immediately. This should be started from Kiran's home first', VH asserts. 'Once we enter Kiran's home, we can see a big cut-out of YSR on the right side. He should first remove that', he said. He feels that CM should educate cadres about the welfare schemes launched by the party rather than telling it straight to people. 'People will forget all the stuff stated by CM in his meetings. Only ground level cadres will remember that and can convey it to people all the time', the Congress veteran feels.

If Congress distances from YSR completely, YSR-Congress will get more advantage than what they are having now. Maybe it is this logic that is stopping Kiran to remove that cut-out.


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