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Charan opens up about quitting Twitter

Charan opens up about quitting Twitter

Ram Charan quitting Twitter bandwagon all of a sudden after his marriage has become a big talk in Industry. Speculations have been made that the reason could be the intolerable comments from followers about Upasana. But the actor has few more reasons behind taking such tough decision.

In his recent interview, Charan revealed that he choose to stay away from Twitter as its invading his privacy and causing unnecessary problems. Sometimes followers force him to discuss issues that he don't wish to and they even misunderstand when he personally calls a hero and wish him on his birthday instead of positing a tweet by commenting he had differences with that hero and so he didn't wish him. To avoid such mess he opt to quit.

Few of his tweets have stirred controversy. His tweet on veteran director Dasari 'So called great directors ones are confined to only speeches and lectures on stage now-a-days. Its sad they can't move anything but their mouth' and the one after Jagan's arrest 'Finally Govt has proved its capability' had become a sensation and also drawn flak. Celebrities become a soft target ever since social media have been on the rise. It's not Charan alone, but many others including NTR, Sunil and few others has disbanded from Twitter in the past as it's invading their peace of mind.


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