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‘Uh Kodathara..’ Murdered In Rythu Bazar !!

General notion is that critics murder the fate of a movie at Box Office and the Manchu sister and brother stressed this earlier. The same hero is now feeling that the murder is taking place in Rythu Bazar also.
While Manoj is trying to fight piracy of his latest movie ‘Uh Kodatara Ulikki Padatara’ with a single hand, pirates are not giving him sleep anymore. Disgustingly, UKUP pirated version CDs are being sold in Guntur Rythu Bazar for 50 rupees. In a sting operation conducted by anti-piracy cell and a popular TV channel, this incident came to lime light.
‘We felt only critics are murdering UKUP but now it is getting murdered in Rythu Bazars. This piracy is more heinous that a murder even’, says Manoj, while reacting about the news. ‘We are enjoying the success of our movie by touring various centres in Andhra. But these kinds of news are disturbing us’, feels Lakshmi Manchu.
While UKUP is facing such huge blows, star-director who made hulchul a couple of weeks back regarding piracy is sitting calm. Piracy can be fought united…….


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