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A-B-C-D is Powerful than any Superstar

A-B-C-D is Powerful than any Superstar

Bollywood is surely going Hollywood way these days especially in making adult rated movies. Even though it is miles behind Hollywood in terms of movie making, Bollywood is certainly on par with it in dealing with adult stuff. A B C D has turned out to be the safe bet for Bollywood filmmakers nowadays.

If anyone banks on the A B C D's, they are sure to make good profits. Not even a superstar could guarantee such sure shot success. Okay, what is this A B C D? A - Adult content, B - Bikini and Bedroom scenes, C - Cleavage show, D - Dirty stuff. This is proving to be the new success formula in B town. Any movie that is made with all these ingredients in right proportions, it will mint crores of money at the box office.

The range of such movies multiplies if you have a top rated actress as the main lead. Hence, Bollywood is shamelessly churning out many more cliched adult flicks as the audiences are craving for sleaze and sex. Tollywood makers who are following Bollywood keenly are already preparing ground to create space for such movies. Nothing attracts better than money and who would want to miss out on the opportunity of hitting a jackpot? 


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