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Chiru And Jagan Joined Hands

Chiru And Jagan Joined Hands

Congress party in the state is of the feeling that MP Chiranjeevi and YSR-C Chief Jagan have joined hands now. They have joined hands in becoming the headache to the party but nothing in physical.

Apparently, CM Kiran is right now worried by two major political groups in the state. One is megastar Chiru's group that is lobbying strongly for the post of CM for their leader. Second one is Jagan's party that is always using opportunities created by Congress rivals to knock him down. On the flip side, Kiran is finding it easy to handle Botsa, DL and even TRS Party and their issue.

Reports are saying that already a few Telangana based anti-CM groups have joined hands to extend their support to Chiru, to make him next boss of state.

YSR-C on the other hand is attracting more and more leaders from Congress every day. Though no one is coming into public now, they will give punch to ruling party all of a sudden, says an analyst.

If these things happen, Kiran will face a forced exit in the state. Off course, that will lead to the collapse of whole AP Congress but not just him. Let us see how our CM will handle these headaches.


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